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Dry Herb Vaporizers For Every Lifestyle

Ever since e-juice vaporizers began impinging upon their analog counterparts, vape manufacturers have had their eye on expanding the technology’s scope and marketability. While e-juice vapes still maintain “top dog” status in popular culture, dry herb vaporizers are rapidly achieving public usage-volume and integration.

The primary catalyst contributing to herbal vaping’s increased popularity is favorable public sentiment. Simply put, more people accept botanical consumption as another avenue of mature, personal enjoyment. The heightened geopolitical environment also means that people are largely indifferent to herbs as more important issues exist.

Of course, public sentiment without legal mandates behind it have no teeth. Fortunately for manufacturers of dry herb vaporizers, a record number of states voted for “green initiatives” in the 2016 election, with a majority passing favorable legislation. This rising momentum will surely spark further avenues for botanicals, thus placing herbal vaporizers in prime position.

With growing public awareness of the green industry, herbal vaporizers are no longer a “one-size fits all” solution. Botanical vaping devices are now catered to specific needs and functionalities, trending in lock-step with e-juice vapes.

Thanks to the industry’s synergy and creativity, we have a platform to suit every demand. Here’s a list of the best herbal vaporizer for every lifestyle!


A Dry Herb Vaporizer for Tech Geeks

It’s no coincidence that we often see an overlap between dry herb vaporizers and the consumer-technology industry. In order to actualize the benefits of vaping, the underlying technology must be both robust and fundamentally sound. This is no more evident than in the Firefly 2 Vaporizer.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

The original Firefly herbal vaporizer was designed by Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson – two tech engineers whose combined portfolios include some of the top names in business, such as Apple, Microsoft, Nike, and Panasonic. The Firefly 2 takes the award-winning design cues from the first iteration, and integrates significant improvements.

For starters, the V2 Firefly is meticulously crafted from premium aerospace-grade materials, resulting in a platform that’s 55% lighter than the original dry herb vaporizer. Furthermore, the V2 cuts down on the already compact dimensions, resulting in a device one-third the size of the original.

Second, the Firefly 2 herbal vaporizer features a borosilicate glass vapor path, resulting in superior vape quality. The high-grade glass ensures that all your choice flavors are transferred purely and accurately. Additionally, the V2 device offers customizable temperature settings, which is a must-have for the discerning enthusiast.

Finally, a substantially improved “quick-charge” battery powers the latest Firefly 2 Vaporizer, providing hours of vaping enjoyment and minimal downtime. Of course, the V2 is designed with end-user comfort in mind, combining ergonomics, intuitive controls, and discretion in one package.


A Dry Herb Vaporizer for Thrill-seekers

The vast majority of vaporizers are designed for both functionality and form, which suits most vaping enthusiasts just fine. However, for thrill-seekers and those who love to venture the great outdoors, options are limited. While all vaping devices can be used outdoors, not every one of them can endure inclement conditions.

Herbal-vaporizer manufacturer Vapium saw an opportunity, and introduced the Summit. Designed with maximum reliability and resilience in mind, the Summit Vaporizer isn’t going to win any beauty contests. What it does offer in lieu of pretty aesthetics is the confidence that the Vapium Summit will never leave you without a working vaping device.

Vapium Summit Vaporizer

Specifically engineered to tolerate high and low temperature extremes, the Summit dry herb vaporizer is IP54 rated, meaning that it is splash-proof and offers a high degree of dust protection. The chassis itself is layered in an “easy-grip” contouring rubber material, helping to prevent accidental drops. It also absorbs energy in the event of a slip-up.

Best of all, the Summit integrates power and functionality that doesn’t appear in many portable vaporizers. Starting with the muscular 3,300 mAh lithium-ion battery, the Summit delivers attributes that discerning vapers demand, including an advanced air pathway, precision temperature control (via Vapium’s smartphone app), and discrete operating signals, alternatively known as “stealth mode.”

For anyone that lives life on the edge, the Vapium Summit is the best herbal vaporizer for thrill-seekers and other active vapers.


A Dry Herb Vaporizer for Flavor-lovers

The primary benefit of compact dry herb vaporizers is portability. With the digitalization impact towards the enthusiast community, today’s herbal vapes can be taken anywhere at any time, while drawing limited attention. But the challenge with the compact format is flavor production. Many devices in the category offer adequate flavors, but why strive for mediocrity?

This is where Arizer makes its grand entrance. No stranger to the vaping community, Arizer has been on the cutting edge of dry herb vaporizer technology. But one of their biggest claims to fame is perfecting the art of integrating massive power safely in a small, discrete package. Resulting from years of engineering experience, the Arizer Air Vaporizer offers the best of two worlds.

Arizer Air Vaporizer

A quality session depends largely on vapor integrity. To that end, flavor-lovers will truly enjoy the Arizer Air’s glass-stem vapor path, and its ceramic heating chamber. Both the glass and ceramic components are constructed from high-grade materials, ensuring excellent flavor transfer and accuracy.

On the end-user convenience front, the Arizer Air is ergonomically designed for supreme grip and comfort. It measures only 122mm tall, and 29mm wide, which allows the device to fit in just about anywhere. Additionally, the Arizer Air herbal vaporizer incorporates pass-through technology, allowing simultaneous vaping and battery-charging.


A Dry Herb Vaporizer for Discreet Vaping

In today’s high-tech, digitalized world, demands on people’s schedules are more onerous than ever. While the digital age has forwarded tremendous conveniences, they have also tethered people to their occupations. That environment impinges on traditional forms of herbal enjoyment due to the required setup and maintenance.

Sensing an opportunity for the movers-and-shakers within the botanical industry, Grenco Science introduced the G Slim Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen. Grenco Science, of course, is well-known for their expertise in ultra-compact dry herb vaporizers. But with the G Slim, which measures only 6.25-inches tall, and only a quarter-of-an-inch wide, it takes the term discretion to a whole new level.

G Slim Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Grenco Science G Slim is simply indistinguishable from a regular pen or laser pointer. This means that should you get caught red-handed with the G Slim, the chances of you getting outed is minimal – so long as you weren’t caught mid-vape!

For what it is, the Grenco Science delivers excellent vapor quality. While it’s not up to desktop standards, the reality is that ultra-compact vape buyers are interested in only one thing – 100% discretion. The diminutive platform of the G Slim is perfect for this objective. And at less than $18, the value proposition is incredibly favorable.


A Dry Herb Vaporizer for Enthusiasts

Sometimes, you just don’t care about drawing attention or staying on the “down-low” – you simply want the best that portable vaping has to offer. To that end, up-and-coming vape manufacturer Boundless forwarded their Boundless CFX Vaporizer. Designed to compete against the iconic Storz & Bickel Mighty, the CFX delivers excellent vapor quality and functionality, all at a much more reasonable price point than the Mighty.

Utilizing 110-volt dual internal lithium-ion batteries, the CFX pumps out clouds that are essentially impossible in lesser vape platforms. On a full charge, the CFX has enough juice to last for over 60 minutes of non-stop vaping. Furthermore, once the battery is fully depleted, the Boundless herbal vaporizer recharges to full power within 30 minutes. For maximum convenience, the CFX is micro-USB compatible, making it an ideal road-trip companion.

Boundless CFX Vaporizer

The defining feature of the Boundless CFX is its full-size high-definition interface screen. Unlike other portable herbal vaporizers that incorporate digital interfaces, the CFX has a unique, “race-car tachometer” design that amps up its sex appeal. Calibrating your perfect vaping setting using the CFX’s precision temperature control system has never been more fun and satisfying!

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention the incredible value that the Boundless CFX dry herb vaporizer represents. At just under $155, the CFX integrates most of the features found in ultra-premium vape devices, but often at half the cost.

Such savings can’t be ignored, making the CFX the best dry herb vaporizer for the discerning enthusiast.

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