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Arizer Air Vaporizer

By Arizer

List Price: $194.99
Our Price: $189.99

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Arizer Air Vaporizer

Ever since the development of the modern vaporizer, e-device makers have engaged in a concerted effort to push as much power and performance in the smallest format possible. While some companies like Arizer have found enormous success in the portable vaporizer market, others have seen mixed results.

The central problem facing e-device makers is striking the perfect balance. For example, several pen-style vaporizers are high on convenience, but limited in power. That makes vaporizing your favorite botanicals or other essential flavors more of a chore than a leisure. In addition, the limited performance of many smaller outfits tends to create inconsistent results.

Thankfully, the Arizer Air Vaporizer has perfected the art of infusing massive, usable power in an ergonomic and discrete package. No more cheap, wimpy plumes -- the Arizer Air is decked with the latest technologies, making it one of the most demanded vaporizers among ardent enthusiasts and eager newcomers alike.

That reputation and the immediate success of the Air Vaporizer by Arizer should come as no surprise. After all, Arizer revolutionized portable vaping with their "Solo" unit. When it first launched, the Solo impressed critics with its long-lasting battery, superior heating element, and a borosilicate glass draw stem. Combined, these attributes created the richest, purest vaping experience known to man!

What enthusiasts and fans of the Arizer name are going to love and appreciate about the Air Vaporizer is it never betrays the fundamentals. If nothing is broken, there is zero point in fixing it. That means all the elements that made the Solo so special are present in the Arizer Air. The innovations are centered primarily on the user experience, making the Air more powerful and more convenient than ever before.

First and foremost is the design element. The original Arizer Solo featured a minimalist, but futurist chassis. Cylindrical at its core, the aesthetics were punctuated by a curvaceous inlay that housed the Solo's information and display unit. Those design cues are noticeable in the Arizer Air Vaporizer, but in a much more trimmed down format to further enhance ergonomics and portability. In fact, against the measuring stick, the Air Vaporizer by Arizer is only 122 millimeters tall, and 29 millimeters wide. Honestly, the Air -- like its namesake -- could hide just about anywhere.

And that is an underappreciated design component among vaping instruments -- while vapers enjoy the art of chasing the perfect vape, they don't necessarily need or want to signal their tastes to the broader public. Opinions will always be varied, especially in the topic of aesthetics; however, I think it's fair to say that the Arizer Air Vaporizer has a more mature aura. This maturity and self-confidence also helps the Air stand out among those in the know, but simultaneously stay relatively innocuous to lay persons and outsiders.

Does it perform as good as it looks? This is Arizer we're talking about, so you know they came here to play. Manufacturing quality of the Air Vaporizer is top-shelf stuff. First, the botanical chamber is engineered with stainless steel, capable of withstanding tremendous heat and pressures. Internally, the foundation is structured to surround and protect the Air's ceramic heating element. Ceramic is one of the go-to materials used in vaping as it has a soft and workable balance between inertness and smoothness. In this approach, the Arizer Air's ceramic heating element won't mix into your botanicals and essential flavors, promoting pure, soothing sessions. However, ceramic isn't necessarily the most durable material. Thus, the added intelligence of incorporating a natural stainless steel protection around the ceramic is what separates the Arizer Air from the posers.

Powering the vaporizer from Arizer are two, lithium ion batteries that are both rechargeable and interchangeable. No shock here -- lithium ion is one of the most potent and versatile energy sources available. Arizer is an organization that clearly only works with the best materials and that commitment is evident in spades with the Air Vaporizer.

What will really blow the minds of newcomers to the Arizer line of products is the ability to vape with the Air Vaporizer while simultaneously charging the batteries. This is an ode to the Arizer Solo, which was the first to introduce the feature -- and what a feature it is. There are too many portable vaporizers which require separate use and charging sessions. That can be a real drag (no pun intended) when you have a power source available but no battery life. With the Air Vaporizer, there is no compromise. And when you're truly on the go, a full charge is good for an hour of continuous use.

All this talk about energy brings us to one of the core features of the Arizer Air Vaporizer -- its five setting temperature control system. The Air wastes very little time getting warmed up; this could be anywhere from 60 to 120 seconds. From there, the vaper can run through the factory preset levels. At the lowest end of the spectrum, the Air Vaporizer display light turns blue, emitting heat of 356°F. This is perfect for botanicals that are best enjoyed over a slow cooked conduction. At the highest range is Level Five -- the red light means that you're cooking with 410°F. If you want massive hits with big boy magnitude, "code red" will do the trick!

Armed with an advanced and optimized heating system, and drawn through the Arizer Air's included glass-stem mouthpiece, nothing but the purity and essence of your favorite botanicals reach your senses. All the more remarkable is that this unprecedented experience literally fits inside your hands! The overall result of the Air Vaporizer is a unit that should cost well into the stratosphere. However, the Arizer may have catalyzed its greatest miracle by keeping the price tag at a very reasonable rate.

The Arizer Air Vaporizer has everything you need to literally get up and get vaping. In addition to all the wonderful components, Arizer includes a travel case that is just as discrete as the Air itself. Furthermore, the outer design of the Arizer Vaporizer is reinforced, design to take abuse or simple incidental contact. Finally, the Air has a 10-minute safety turnoff feature. I get it -- things happen, people call, and before you know it, you've left your e-device lingering. No problem, Arizer has you covered!

It's a rarity in any industry that a company puts in so much meticulous care into their products and are willing to stand by them. The Arizer is just such a company, and the Air Vaporizer is their flagship. Be sure to pick one up today from Nug Republic!

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Arizer Air Vaporizer Specifications:

Manufactured by: Arizer

Threading: 510

Voltage: 110V

Compatibility: Herbal

Heat-Up Time: 90 Seconds

Battery: External 18650 Battery (Sold Separately)

Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime

Length: 4.83 Inches (122mm)

Diameter: 1.14 Inches (29mm)


Arizer Air Vaporizer Includes:

1 x Arizer Air Vaporizer

1 x Battery Charger with Adapter

2 x Glass Stems

1 x Glass Dish

1 x Case

1 x Stir Tool

1 x User Manual

Arizer Air Vaporizer Features:

Premium-Grade Glass Stem

Easy-to-Use Design

Compact, Lightweight, and Portable Design

Durable and Sturdy Construction

Uniform Heat Distribution

Incandescent Indicator Lights

Rapid 90-Second Heating

Made with Premium-Quality Materials

Delivers Great Hits

Passthrough Functionality

Extremely Reliable Operation

Inert Ceramic Oven

External 18650 Battery (Sold Separately)

Beautiful and Sleek Aesthetic Design

100% Authentic Arizer

How to Use the Arizer Air Vaporizer:

To Turn On: To turn on the Arizer Air Vaporizer, simply press and hold the up and down arrow buttons for a few seconds.  This will cause the Arizer Air to heat up to the standby temperature, which is approximately 122°F (50°C).

To Adjust Temperature: To adjust the Arizer Air Vaporizer’s Temperature, simply use the up arrow button to increase temperature, and the down button to lower it. Below is a guide indicating the temperature of each level:

Level One: 122°F (50°C)

Level Two: 365°F (185°C)

Level Three: 374°F (190°C)

Level Four: 383°F (195°C)

Level Five: 392°F (200°C)

Level Six: 401°F (205°C)

Level Seven: 410°F (210°C)

Recommended Starting Temperature: We recommend beginning at Level Two 365°F (185°C), and adjust upward from that point, based on your needs and preferences

Packing Herbs: To pack your herbs and begin using, first coarsely grind your herbs, making sure that it is not ground to finely so that it does not slip through the holes in the draw stem. Next, pack the herbs into the bowl located at the end of the glass straw stem, making sure not to pack the herbs too tightly so that air is allowed to flow freely. Now, turn the Arizer Air so that the heating element is pointed towards the ground, connect the packed draw stem, and flip the entire unit right-side up. 

Taking a Hit: To take a hit, wait 10 to 15 seconds prior to taking a draw. Make sure not to suck too hard, but rather take slow and steady hits, so that you avoid herb being pulled through and into your mouth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jaden C

Quality device for sure. Loving this for dry herb use at home - my new go-to device. Its definitely portable but large enough that I don't really want to carry it around in my pocket. Feels great in hand and performance is fantastic. Fast shipping as well!

Nick Grammatas
Great vape

So glad I pulled the trigger on this purchase. Couldn't be happier. This is the first device I have bought that was over $100 but wow you get what you pay for. The experience is like night and day!

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