Nug Republic Affiliate Program

We offer one of the best paid affiliate commissions in the industry! 

Nug Republic is well established, reputable and trusted retailer for a wide variety of CBD Products and Herbal Vaporizer devices. With a large selection of CBD Tinctures, Vape Juices, Edibles, Gummies & Herbal Vape Hardware from the top and most popular brands on the market to choose from, our customer base is one of the most loyal amongst the industry.  Working closely with our partners at Vapor Authority, Inc our website has been designed with a proven format to ensure some of the highest conversion rates in the industry.  We offer robust affiliate programs with dedicated affiliate account management alongside support and assistance to ensure the greatest level of success for all affiliates and partners within our programs.

Highlights of our Programs: 

1. Average Order Price of $65 to $90 USD depending on the season 

2. Strong Conversion Rate (One of the highest EPCs in the Industry) 

3. Elite and highly popular brands and products 

4. Free Shipping on ALL orders within United States

5. High Frequency Newsletters 

6. Low Price Guarantee

7. Dedicated Affiliate Account Management 

8. Automatically pay-out every month through Share-a-sale platform 

9. Best of all, we offer 10% - 20% commission on every order depending on your performance! 

10. Cookie length is now 30 days! 


Any Questions? 

If you have any questions about our programs, please feel free to send us a message at

We currently offer one of the leading Affiliate networks:  Share-a-sale 

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