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Volcano Classic Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

By Storz & Bickel

List Price: $379.99
Our Price: $374.99 - $469.99

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Volcano Classic Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

Kiss traditional smoking goodbye! Vaporization is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Vapor hits are smoother, cleaner, and more pleasant than the traditional platform. Naturally, this has led to a tremendous revenue and market share growth that is historically extremely rare.

At the same time, within the broad vaporization category, portable vaporizers have really dominated the landscape. This isn't just true among enthusiasts and newcomers to the practice. Laypeople and others who are unfamiliar with the specifics of vaping are nevertheless inundated with images of e-cigarettes and portable devices. To them, vaping is portable, period.

While that's true to some extent, larger, desktop e-rigs offer tremendous utility to the vaping community. Only through these systems can you get the absolute best in terms of quality and enjoyment. Among desktop e-rigs, Storz & Bickel has made a name for itself by providing classic looking vaporizer units that perform as good as it looks.  

The Volcano Classic Vaporizer is exactly that -- a vaporizer that offers a clean, understated platform. It's a known fact that Storz & Bickel make some of the most unique devices in the market -- Volcano vaporizers in particular are loaded with patented technologies that separate them from all other vaping companies. The Volcano Classic Vaporizer features a smooth, cone structure -- a design cue that is virtually identical with the Volcano Digital. The primary difference is that the Digital has a large LCD interface, whereas the Classic Vaporizer utilizes an analog dial.

One desirable attribute to which the Classic and Digital versions have in common is their natural discretion. Of course, these are large desktop units so they are not unnoticeable. Rather, the Classic Vaporizer by Volcano could easily fall under typical household goods, such as a specialized blender. So don't worry about doing some cleanup work for select guests and forgetting to hide this vaporizer -- the Volcano Classic by Storz & Bickel won't sell you out!

No matter which iteration you choose, both the Digital and Classic Vaporizers are the standard bearers for the vaping industry. Hand-crafted by German engineers, every detail, every nuance is meticulously thought out. As with only the best e-rig systems in the market, you can expect steady, year-round reliability and performance with little time vested for upkeep and general maintenance.   

Now despite the proliferation of attention paid to portable vaporizers, desktop e-rig systems are by their own right increasing in popularity. One of the reasons is safety. This is a decision that many former ardent proponents of portable vaping have made when it comes to enjoying their favorite herbs. The e-rig desktop system has the innate ability to release the aromatic compounds from various herbs, plant extracts and essential oils -- all without inhaling harmful byproducts. The Volcano Classic Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is especially efficient, producing three to four times superior delivery of pure vapors than the delivery metrics produced in alternate platforms.

The most unique aspect of the Volcano Classic Vaporizer's delivery is that vapers draw from a balloon bag. While this might appear to be an intimidating process for newcomers, the concept is quite easy to pick up. When the Volcano Classic by Storz & Bickel has reached its desired temperature, a signal light will turn off, indicating that the unit is ready for attachment. Place the filling chamber included in the Storz & Bickel Volcano on top of the exhaust vent, then attach the valve balloon to the filling chamber. From there, it's a simple matter of pressing an activation button, which then begins to automatically fill the balloon. Be sure to turn the activation button off so as to not overfill the balloon.

With that, you're just a few steps away from enjoying the pure vapes of the Classic. Take the valve balloon off the filling chamber, and attach the mouthpiece that's included in the Volcano Classic Vaporizer package. Dispersing the vapor from the balloon is an organic procedure -- just press against the mouthpiece. Adjusting the flow rate or the intensity of your vaping experience is just as easy -- simply apply or lessen the amount of pressure on the mouthpiece. Best of all, there's no cumbersome methodology to stop the airflow -- letting go of the mouthpiece automatically closes the valve, securing precious vapors remaining inside the balloon. That's no marketing gimmick -- the Volcano Classic can hold vapors in its balloon bag for up to eight whopping hours!

Now it's easy to see why so many folks are enamored with the Volcano Classic Vaporizer. First, the architecture of the Classic by Storz & Bickel is layered with top-end materials that promote purity and health. For example, the aluminum heating block of the Storz & Bickel Volcano is rated high enough for food storage. Also, this desktop Classic Vaporizer is armed with proprietary and patented innovations that remove harmful toxins, tar and other carcinogenic byproducts. The other advantage is that there is separation between the balloon bag and the Classic's valve. Scientifically speaking, this removes the vapor from the vaporization process. Thus, for all intents and purposes, it is impossible to inhale anything but the unadulterated aroma of your choice vapors!

The other reason that people are buying up the Volcano Classic is power -- and not just power, but the ability to control it across the entire spectrum. While portable vaporizers may boast of precision temperature systems, they don't hold a candle to the Volcano Classic by Storz & Bickel. There's really no magic to this, aside from the amazing engineering inside the Classic. Simply dial up your temperature with the large, analog control in the middle of the chassis, and you're good to go! The range meets a wide variety of specific needs, down from 266⁰F at the low, to a smoking 446⁰F at the top. No matter what you throw at it, the Volcano Classic burns it all, making it the go to piece for the true connoisseur.

Although the Volcano Classic by Storz & Bickel might turn off newcomers due to perceived complexity, this would be a mistake. Primarily due to the impressive intelligence built into the Volcano Classic Vaporizer, you will simply not experience a cleaner vapor -- and definitely not in a portable platform. For those with less tolerance to harsh vaping draws, the Volcano Classic is an obvious solution.

And don't let the size of the Volcano Classic fool you -- the unit itself field strips nicely, allowing for full access to clean out any gunk or excess. Included in the Volcano Classic Vaporizer package is a cleaning brush and liquid pad, which helps facilitate upkeep. Also included are a normal screen set, an air filter set, and your choice of a solid valve or easy valve balloon set.

Backed by a three-year warranty and rave reviews from critics and enthusiasts, Storz & Bickel has engineered a truly great piece for the most demanding vaper. The Volcano Classic Vaporizer earns top marks in rich, clean performance and its user-friendly, intuitive interface. See what all the hype is about -- pick up the Volcano Classic Vaporizer at Nug Republic today!

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Volcano Classic Vaporizer Specifications:

Manufactured by: Storz & Bickel

Voltage: 110V

Compatibility: Herb, Wax

Heat-Up Time: 180-Seconds

Manufacturer Warranty: 3-Year

Length: 8 Inches

Diameter: 9.75 Inches

Weight: 4.8 Pounds


Volcano Classic Vaporizer Includes:

1 x Volcano Classic Vaporizer

1 x Air Filtration Set

1 x Herbal Grinder

1 x User Manual

Volcano Classic Vaporizer Features:

Reliable Dial Temperature Control

Advanced Vapor Bag Delivery System

Cutting-Edge Diaphragm Pump

Food-Grade Aluminum Heating Block

Wide Range Analog Temperature Control

Performance Heating Element

Premium German Engineering

Exceptionally Well-Designed

Three-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Solid and Durable Construction

Forced-Air System

Patented Technology to Remove Toxins and Chemicals

Hand-Crafted Fabrication

8-Hour Balloon Storage Capacity

Easy-Valve Filling Chamber

100% Authentic Storz & Bickel

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Worth the Price

Don't let the price fool you, this is worth every penny! I have always struggled with asthma and was considering quitting smoking herb all together until I found this. The vapor it produces is much better on my lungs than regular smoke, it also does not smell quite as much. I am happy that I made the switch!

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