Vaporfection ViVape v2 Vaporizer

By Vaporfection

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Vaporfection ViVape v2 Vaporizer

Undoubtedly, one of the most profound innovations over the last few years is the proliferation of vaporization devices. No longer exclusively tethered to the archaic offerings of Big Tobacco, vaping has taken the world by storm. The essence of vaping, along with its associated byproducts, are significantly cleaner and healthier than traditional methods. A whole new art form in vaping has also emerged from within the enthusiast community.

This bolstered competition, with e-device makers constantly one-upping each other, usually in terms of marketing and design aesthetics. However, when there's so much creative synergy, its often easy to get muddled within the competition. Understanding this, device maker Vaporfection took a radically different approach. Rather than focusing on superficiality and their cash register, Vaporfection instead zeroed in one operational efficiency.

The result of this single-minded effort is the ViVape Vaporizer. At first glance, one could say that there's nothing in the market quite like a ViVape because of its simple, spartan design. Truth be told, the ViVape by Vaporfection is just a box -- a well constructed and refined one, but nevertheless, there's not much going on in a rectangle.

However, it would be a grave mistake to judge the ViVape Vaporizer based on its spartan chassis. Admittedly, it's not going to win any design or artistry awards. At the same time, if that's want you wanted, you could find more appropriate pieces at your local museum. The ViVape by Vaporfection is exactly what it states -- the perfect vaporization unit. The first iteration was a resounding success, and this latest second version of the ViVape is sure to build upon its predecessor.     

While we're on the topic of aesthetics, it should be noted that not all vapers prefer the flashy look. Due to social pressures and some controversial perceptions held by members of the broader public, vapers don't necessarily need or want to announce their intentions. Even with desktop e-rigs, it could be a hassle to hide the unit from certain guests or family members. The brilliant aspect of the ViVape Vaporizer is that this package is as discreet as you can get. 

However, it's the substance of the ViVape Vaporizer by Vaporfection that really sets it apart from the competition. The first version found tremendous critical and retail success because it held no punches -- the ViVape exists solely to provide a pure, clean vaping experience. The V2 ViVape abides by the same mission statement with a new enclosure that makes the overall chassis more robust. In addition, the touch screen interface has been updated, providing greater responsiveness and reliability.

For the internals, there are several engineering improvements. The ViVape features an advanced air flow system that ensures the purest and cleanest of vapors. This is a particularly important factor for many vapers as inhaling smoke or other byproducts can cause not only physical pain or discomfort, but long-term health issues as well. Operationally, the ViVape V2 Vaporizer by Vaporfection is very quiet and efficient. That's a remarkable attribute for forced air vaporizers -- as their name suggests, these units typically produce loud and annoying sounds. The second-gen ViVape, in contrast, is discreet in both looks and performance.

Aside from the quality of craftsmanship and no-nonsense approach, ardent vapers love the versatility of the V2 ViVape Vaporizer by Vaporfection. This is a dual delivery system, which means that vapors can be drawn via direct inhalation -- aka "whip" -- or through a balloon bag. Now, enthusiasts no longer have to fork over hundreds of dollars for each methodology. With the ViVape V2 Vaporizer, both popular formats are readily available. Even better, this versatility is not just a marketing device similar to the backseats of a Porsche 911. Rather, Vaporfection has perfected one of the rare industrial art forms -- the ability to provide multiple functions without sacrifice.

Balloon bagging is increasingly popular among vapers, which is the primary reason it's offered through the V2 ViVape. Unlike some competitor models, the bag procedure is quick and intuitive. Once the balloon bag is set up, connect the bag's valve to the ViVape Vaporizer unit. Literally within seconds, the balloon begins to fill up. This is one of the most pleasant forms of vaping as it completely separates the richness and fullness of your essential flavors away from the vaporization process. Thus, there's no chance of inhaling smoke or undesirable substances.

If you're pressed for time or simply want a different type of draw, the ViVape V2 Vaporizer's direct inhalation works just as easily as the bag. After loading up the herbal chamber with your favorite botanicals and dialing up the desired temperature settings, the ViVape kit by Vaporfection provides a glass mouthpiece, a medical grade hose, and a wand/whip herbal glass container to transmit those pure vapors. The end result again is nothing but absolute perfection. As an added convenience, the delivery method is hands-free, which brings the natural focus solely towards the overall experience.

Just the versatility and convenience alone would be more than enough reasons to fork over the very reasonable money for a Vaporfection ViVape Vaporizer. Amazingly, Vaporfection doesn't stop there. New for the second generation ViVape is "Vapor Sense" -- a revolutionary, all-encompassing touch screen temperature control system. Unlike other "precision temperature systems" that only let you dial up the temperature, the V2 ViVape by Vaporfection allows the user to configure the delivery method and the desired time of use. This is accomplished through connecting the unit's automatic temperature sensors with a digital microprocessor temperature controller, which in turn is hooked up to a thermo coupling sensor. What this all translates to is a purity and textured aura in vaporization that has never been experienced before. The unprecedented technology behind the ViVape V2 Vaporizer by Vaporfection is confirmed by the fact that this is the first time such an innovation has been used in a retail vaporizer.

Are we still not impressed? However, unlike that may be, Vaporfection decided to load up even more features to the second-gen ViVape. The temperature spectrum is incredibly wide, starting at 126 °F at the low end, and moving all the way up to 446 °F at the maximum level. This provides a full breadth of settings that can appropriately burn any herbal substance. Best of all, the ViVape V2 Vaporizer has a warm-up time of less than two minutes. That of course means less time sitting around and more time vaping.  

The advantages of the ViVape Vaporizer Vaporfection system are so overwhelming that it would almost be a crime not to consider buying one if you're in the market for an e-rig system. All of the critical components and air pathways for ViVape are constructed out of premium materials, allowing for pure, rich, and most importantly -- chemical-free draws. What is perhaps most unique about the V2 ViVape is its "Vapor Glass" patented technology. The manifestation of this technology is evident in their heating element and heating chamber, which is constructed out of laboratory-grade glass-on-glass infrastructures. Glass, unlike cheap plastics or metals, do not mix or interfere with the vapors. This assures the end-user that he or she will only be drawing from the smoothest, purest essence of their essential flavors.

The healthy functionality of the V2 ViVape Vaporizer by Vaporfection is one of the biggest deciding factors for both newcomers and especially ardent enthusiasts. While portable vaporizers will always have their utility, overuse of such platforms can lead to undesirable or unhealthy effects. And with regards to safe operations, the ViVape V2 will automatically turn off via the Vapor Sense function, helping to reduce the potential for accidents. As an added touch, the Vaporfection incorporated dual voltage into the second-gen ViVape. So if you live in a different country outside of North America, this V2 vaporizer has you covered! In addition, many enthusiasts are also world travelers. Most European countries go by the 220 to 240 voltage system. With the ViVape V2 Vaporizer, you don't need to buy a bulky, unsightly -- and somewhat expensive -- voltage converter. Instead, just get a physical converter which can be picked up very cheaply. 

And while the ViVape V2 is a big unit compared to its portable counterparts, don't worry -- the unit can be disassembled easily, allowing for full access to clean out any gunk or excess. The glass pieces of ViVape can be soaked in your favorite house cleaning products to wash out any residue or unwanted materials. Regular maintenance will help keep your Vaporfection vaporizer running just like new.     

Backed by a one-year warranty and rave reviews from the vaping community, Vaporfection has engineered one of the most remarkable innovations among vaporizers and e-rig systems. The Vaporfection ViVape Vaporizer earns top marks in rich, clean performance and its intuitive and revolutionary interface. See what all the hype is about -- pick up the Vaporfection V2 ViVape Vaporizer at Nug Republic today!

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Vaporfection ViVape V2 Vaporizer Specifications:

Manufactured by: Vaporfection

Voltage: 110V and 220V

Compatibility: Herb

Heat-Up Time: 90-Second

Manufacturer Warranty: 1-Year

Length: 12 Inches

Width: 10 Inches

Depth: 8 Inches

Weight: 3.65 Pounds



Vaporfection ViVape V2 Vaporizer Includes:

1 x Vaporfection ViVape V2 Vaporizer

2 x Custom Tampered Bags

1 x Glass Mouthpiece

1 x 3-Foot Hose

1 x Vapor Valve

1 x Whip/Wand Herbal Glass Container

6 x Replacement Screens

1 x Stir Stick/Screen Replacement Tool

2 x Tie Wraps

1 x Power Cable

1 x User Manual

Vaporfection ViVape V2 Vaporizer Features:

Touchscreen Enabled

Bag and Wand Dual-Delivery

LED-Lit Glass Chamber

Extremely Quiet Operation

Advanced All-Glass Technology

Efficient Heating Element

Glass Heating Element

Automatic Shutoff Capable

One-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Rapid Heat-Up Time

Cutting-Edge Forced-Air System

Glass Heating Chamber

Delivers Exceptionally Clean and Pure Vapor

Made with Durable Materials

User-Friendly Design

100% Authentic Vaporfection

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