Vapor King Bliss Vaporizer

By Vapor King

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Vapor King Bliss Vaporizer

Unsurprisingly, vaporization has exploded into the cultural and retail landscape, upending the hegemony of Big Tobacco, and leaving many corporate executives scrambling for answers. So long as they ignore vaping, they won't find any! One of the reasons why is because vaping is transcending normal definitions. Each vaper is unique -- and so are the many ways that one can enjoy the experience. 

While portable vaporizers have undoubtedly captured much of the world's attention, and grabbed significant market share within the industry, there is still big demand for e-rig desktop units. Their power, control, and production are unrivaled compared to alternative platforms. No matter how popular e-cigarettes and similar devices become, desktop systems will never go away. 

One of the toughest challenges facing e-rig vaporizer companies, however, is the price point. Simply put, most mid-tier and premium desktop units are out of the reach for many vapers. Even if they have a sizable income, it can be very difficult to justify a vaporizer that costs in the thousands of dollars -- especially if you have a spouse that doesn't share your passion!

This is where Vapor King comes to the rescue. For starters, Vapor King specializes in desktop e-rigs. This is comforting to know that you're not dealing with a jack-of-all-trades type, which is starting to become very common within the vaping industry. Instead, Vapor King is focused on doing one thing, and doing it better than the rest. Their other specialty is providing the amazing draws and hits that can only be actualized through a desktop unit at a price that won't break the bank -- or send a vaper to divorce court.

Vapor King proved that the concept of low price and high performance isn't an oxymoron with their Bliss Vaporizer. With a suggested retail price of under $90, and typically found much lower than that through multiple vaporizer stores, the Bliss Vaporizer by Vapor King offers a deal that cannot be beat. At the core of the Bliss is a no-fuss, no-nonsense package that delivers pure, satisfying vapors that rivals desktop systems that are priced significantly higher.   

 While the Vapor King Bliss Vaporizer may not win any beauty contests, vapers will love its purpose-built construction, which is a durable boxed shaped platform featuring a digital LCD user interface prominently displayed at center bottom. The Bliss by Vapor King comes in three colors -- the standard black, red, or silver. Whatever choice is bound to be a great one -- the black blends in with the large LCD display and has a seamless look to it. The silver option adds a touch of understated, classic elegance that many vapers will appreciate. My personal favorite is the red, which has the right amount of pizzazz but is dialed back so as to not appear tacky.

Neat freaks will really enjoy the fact that the Bliss Vaporizer by Vapor King won't take up hardly any real estate. The dimensions are a miniscule 6.25 x 4.00 x 6.75 inches -- that pretty much fits in anywhere. Should the need arise, it can also be hidden anywhere as well. Going along with the size dimensions is the weight. At exactly one-and-a-half pounds, the Vapor King Bliss Vaporizer is one of the lightest e-rig systems in the market today, if not the absolute lightest.

This also means that, should the vaper desire to do so, the Bliss can be transported anytime, anywhere. While it's not a portable vaporizer, the Bliss shares something in common with this platform -- discretion. Unless given a hint, it would be difficult for lay persons and outsiders to determine from the Bliss Vaporizer's chassis alone its true, intended purpose. After all, it's a box!

However, it's the substance of the Bliss Vaporizer by Vapor King that really sets it apart from the competition. This is a fully digital system, with buttons to dial up your desired temperature and a large display that communicates all relevant information to the vaper. For those that are new to vaping or to the e-rig platform, the Bliss by Vapor King has an intuitive operational process that is easy to pick.

As great as the aesthetics and overall construction is, the internals are where the engineers at Vapor King really earn their paycheck. The air pathways and air flow mechanisms are made from one of the safest and durable materials, facilitating smooth, textured vapors without the nasty side effects associated with cheap desktop units. These undesirable byproducts are often caused by the "soldering iron" cores that are unfortunately prevalent in discount-bin vaporizers.

The Bliss by Vapor King is a whip-style vaporizer, or what is known as direct inhalation. Although there are multiple vaporizer companies advertising desktop units that offer versatile functionality (such as balloon bagging), vapers quickly realize that multi-tasking isn't quite what it's all cracked up to be. Often times, only one of the functions works well, and the others are poorly engineered, or worse yet, all the functions are mediocre. Rest assured that when you buy a Bliss Vaporizer by Vapor King, you're only going to get a truly satisfying direct draw experience garnered through years of consumer and scientific research.

The setup for the direct inhalation process is easy and can be memorized after a few run-throughs. Upon loading up the herbal chamber with your favorite botanicals and dialing up the desired temperature settings, the Bliss kit by Vapor King provides a glass mouthpiece, a food-grade vinyl tubing, and a glass wand that transmits nothing but pure vaping goodness. As an added convenience, the delivery method is hands-free. This not only shifts the focus just to the experience itself, it also gives the vaper peace of mind that they're not going to burn their fingers.

Typical of desktop e-rigs, the Bliss by Vapor King utilizes a precision control temperature interface. The temperature spectrum is also incredibly wide, with a maximum advertised temperature of 420 °F. This provides a full breadth of settings that can appropriately burn any herbal substance. Best of all, the Bliss Vaporizer has an average warm-up time of less than 60 seconds. This obviously saves the vaper in terms of downtime but it also happens to be one of the quickest e-rigs in the market.

There's simply an unbelievable amount of features packed into the Vapor King Bliss Vaporizer that even those who are not specifically looking for a desktop e-rig should pick one up. Where else are you going to get premium craftsmanship, a ceramic heating element, and a glass mouthpiece and wand at under $100? These are materials that belong in some of the most exclusive vaporizer units at prices approaching an apartment rental in a metropolitan area!  

As is true for many vapers, the decision to go with an e-rig system often comes down to health and the overall vaping experience. After years of inadvertently burning their lungs with smoke, even the most ardent vapers long for the consistently soothing flavors found only in an e-rig platform. The amazing attribute of the Vapor King Bliss Vaporizer is that health and satisfaction no longer have to be a financial burden.

And speaking of burdens, I'm not too familiar with vapers that enjoy the cleaning process. Often, it's a chore and a major time suck. Fortunately, the Bliss Vaporizer by Vapor King can be disassembled easily, allowing for full access to clean out any gunk or excess. The glass pieces of Bliss can be soaked in your favorite house cleaning products to wash out any residue or unwanted materials. Also included with the Bliss Vaporizer is a cleaning stick that's ergonomically designed and efficient.       

Backed by a three-month warranty and positive reviews from the enthusiast community, Vapor King has engineered the perfect balance between performance and price. The Vapor King Bliss Vaporizer earns top marks in smooth draws and an affordable entry point for any vaper, regardless of means. See what all the hype is about -- pick up the next-generation Vapor King Bliss Vaporizer at Nug Republic today!

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Vapor King Bliss Vaporizer Specifications:

Manufactured by: Vapor King

Voltage: 110V

Compatibility: Herb

Heat-Up Time: 60-Seconds

Manufacturer Warranty: 3-Month

Length: 6.25 Inches

Width: 6.75 Inches

Depth: 4 Inches

Weight: 1.5 Pounds


Vapor King Bliss Vaporizer Includes:

1 x Vapor King Bliss Vaporizer

1 x Food-Grade Vinyl Tubing

1 x Glass Wand

1 x Glass Mouthpiece

1 x Cleaning Stick

1 x Power Cable

1 x User Manual

Vapor King Bliss Vaporizer Features:

User-Friendly Design

Premium Ceramic Heating Element

Cutting-Edge Temperature Control System

Entirely Hands-Free Technology

Rapid Heating Time

Whip-Style Vaporizer

Made with Genuine Hardwood

Quality Digital Display

100% Authentic Vapor King

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