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Stok R2 Series Vaporizer by #ThisThingRips

By #ThisThingRips

List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $44.99

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Stok R2 Series Vaporizer by #ThisThingRips (w/ Kanger Battery Upgrade)

There are companies who always do things "by the book." Their products are reliable to a fault, their customer service is top notch, and they never seem to miss a beat. Yet their brand awareness is often lacking precisely because they have almost zero personality. We take them for granted, and we never think about them unless we need them.

Then there's companies like SToK USA. Their products are synergized with near-wanton creativity, a fusion of deliberate craftsmanship and an ill-advised vodka binge. The result? There is nothing in the vaping market quite like Stok e-devices. Better yet, Stok continues to surprise, pushing the limit further and further into the horizon. Their Stok R2 Series (Wax) is the latest concoction that brings all the unique attributes of this company in one awesome platform.

Marketed under the brand name #ThisThingRips, the Stok R2 Series, well, rips! Seriously -- all you have to do to be sold on the R2 by Stok is to look at the damn thing! Sitting atop a spartan, no fuss base is a heating chamber that can only be described as thermonuclear. Indeed, the bright, neon green hue radiates from the visual chamber, creating an unprecedented aesthetic "wow" factor.

Vaping enthusiasts will no doubt recognize the growing trend towards visual chamber development. However, it was Stok that first brought this innovation to the market. With their R2 pen-style vaporizers, Stok has once again redefined the visual artistry in vaping. Furthermore, the R2 Series isn't just limited to its outer attractiveness -- the heating chamber is composed of polycarbonates. This is the same hardened plastic that used in multiple applications, from DVDs to bulletproof windows. In other words, you can expect the Stok R2 to give you years of consistent rips without any quit!

Of course, drawing attention is a double-edged sword. In a vaping competition, the Stok R2 Series (Wax) is sure to pick up style points. In the real world, however, opinions are varied. For true discretion, one of the best attributes of the R Series 2 vaporizer is its top cap. Simply snap it over the polycarbonate heating chamber, and the plutonium factory disappears under the framework of a classic fine tip pen.

While other vaporizer brands claim that their devices are discreet, the Stok R Series 2 vaporizers puts them to shame. Honestly, most people would not be able to tell the difference between a real pen and an R2 when fully sheathed. This is insanely beneficial when you need to satisfy a craving, but need nothing less than full, unmitigated discretion.

It goes without saying, though, that inconspicuous transportation wouldn't mean anything if there was nothing to look forward to. Fortunately for vaping proponents, even the most demanding will find true satisfaction with the Stok R2 Series vaporizers.

There's an old saying in business and in life -- if it ain't broke, don't fix it. This is exactly the philosophy behind the R2 by Stok USA. The original R Series introduced vapers to smooth, textured rips that was big on flavor and generous on battery life. It also made users look ridiculously cool with never before seen color patterns emanating from the Stok's heating chamber. This made the R Series immensely popular with both vaping newcomers and hardened veterans.

The biggest change in the R2 Series by Stok -- and it's a great one -- is a completely overhauled atomizer system that takes what the original did so well, and kick into high gear. Engineers at Stok layered improvements on the ceramic core, and combined it with a factory calibrated low-temperature coil. This allows your wax concentrates to burn more slowly, creating a marinating effect per unit of time. Functionally, the calibrated temperature helps prevent your wax from being charred -- a critical feature given the expense of many premium concentrates. The end result? An immensely rich flavor that would rival the tone and texture of more expensive quartz atomizers.

To be frank, Stok has made a killing on their original R Series vaporizers, and I would expect the same and greater financial performance from the R2 Wax Series. Instead of following other companies into increasingly expensive materials, Stok designed the R2 to be intuitive and accessible for the enthusiast community. Because of these characteristics, the Stok R Series is a proven hit among newcomers, who find the price point and ergonomics well balanced. On the other end of the spectrum, experienced vapers appreciate the R2's lengthy battery life, while extracting the absolute most flavor out of a ceramic core.

The end user experience is further enhanced by the Stok R2 Series vaporizers' maximum draw airflow system. In the early iterations of pen style vaporizers, the airflow system was a hit or miss affair -- and usually the latter. Poorly designed vaporizers would be encumbered by misplaced air vents, resulting in a less than satisfactory experience. The improvements towards the R Series 2 vaporizers have been conceptualized with the key focus of user satisfaction. Therefore, the intake is specifically designed for full efficiency and texture, but without becoming overwhelming.

Another advantage of the Stok R2 vaporizers is its quick-load, rapid fire cartridge. Nothing ruins a vaping session -- and a company's reputation -- faster than a cumbersome loading process. Similar to the airflow system, the initial era of pen-style vaporizers weren't known for their accessibility. Luckily, the innovative Stok R2 "field strips" quite easily, and reloading is just as intuitive. Additionally, the R2's polycarbonate visual chamber allows you to see exactly how much of your wax concentrates are left -- no more unscrewing the chamber or playing the dreaded guessing game!

As to be expected, the R2 Series vaporizers comes with all the accessories that you need to start generating huge rips right away. These include two single coil ceramic rod atomizers, one 650mAh battery, a dab tool, a silicone jar, and two cleaning wipes. A neat feature of the R2 by Stok -- among the several that's on tap -- is its USB adaptor. It's shaped just like a flash memory device, allowing for a maximum charging session even in the most conspicuous of environments. This aligns perfectly with the R Series 2 vaporizers' discreet chassis when in "undercover" mode.

Broadly speaking, you will not find a more unique, and functionally brilliant piece than the Stok R2 Series (Wax). Its hybrid design of uber-sexiness resultant from its polycarbonate chamber, married to its unassuming outer layer, is simply engineering genius. But underneath the glamour is where the R2 really shines. Its distinct concoction of a ceramic atomizer and calibrated low-temp coils produces a sublime, almost never-ending vaping experience that is worthy of twice its retail price tag.

Pick up a Stok R2 Series from Nug Republic now to understand what this new revolution in vaping is all about!

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R2 Series Vaporizer Specifications:

Manufactured by: Stok #ThisThingRips

Threading: 510

Compatibility: Wax

Heat-Up Time: 5-Seconds

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Months

Voltage: 110V

Length: 6.5 Inches (165mm)

Diameter: 2 Inches (51mm)

Weight: 0.32 Pounds (5.1 Ounces)


R2 Series Vaporizer Includes:

1 x Kanger Evod Battery

2 x Ceramic Rod Atomizers

1 x Polycarbonate Chamber

1 x Protective Pen Cap

1 x Mouthpiece

1 x Dab Tool

1 x Silicone Jar

2 x Cleaning Pads

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

R2 Series Vaporizer Features:

High-Quality Ceramic Heating Core

Remarkably User-Friendly Design

Solid and Durable Construction

Compact, lightweight, and Portable

Calibrated Low-Temperature Coil

Ergonomically Designed for Comfortable Handling

Maximum-Draw Airflow System

Ceramic Rod Atomizers

Quick-Load Cartridge

Rapid-Fire Cartridge

Transparent Polycarbonate Heating Chamber

Large 650 mAh Battery Capacity

Extremely Rapid 5-Second Heating

Made with the Premium-Quality Materials

Easy-to-Use Configuration

Beautiful Aesthetic Design

100% Stok #ThisThingRips

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Richard Jemison
Stoked for sure!

I'm one of the wax enthusiasts that likes to vape in style, and the Stok R2 was perfect for me! With the R2 kit, you have everything you need to enjoy a great toke on the go. I also felt that the quality of the R2 was surprisingly good, especially at this price.

Josh W
Pleasantly surprised

I bought this on a whim, not expecting much from its price, but I was waaaaay wrong. This is a little powerhouse and everyone I have showed it to tries to steal it or wants to get their own haha

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