Source Orb 4 Vaporizer - Premium Kit

By Source

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Source Orb 4 Vaporizer - Premium Kit

The Source Orb device is one of the highest quality vape pen and vaporizer for wax and herb on the market today. While marketing hype is expected by any producer, Source Vapes is one of the few companies of any industry that lives up to its hubris. A cursory look at their product line up quickly reveals that they mean serious business.

The Source Orb 4 Premium is the latest member of the highly-pedigreed family. For nearly four years, Source Vapes has been recognized as one of the leading pioneers in the vaping industry, catalyzing it from a niche market to one of the most exciting consumer trends in recent memory. They have won multiple awards for their unrivaled attention to detail, translating to an equally unmatched vaping experience.

What separates the Orb 4 Premium by Source Vapes is how quickly it has garnered critical acclaim. In fact, each iteration of the Source Orb received industry recognition for distinctive system advancements. These achievements -- such as the original Source Orb's double-coil design -- aren't self-aggrandizing claims. Rather, they are substantive innovations that keep vapers hungry for more.

It would be no exaggeration to compare Source Vapes to iconic Apple, Inc. Both firms eschew unnecessary "bling" for understated class, yet offer their respective end-users immensely powerful functionality. And what the iPhone is to Apple, the Orb 4 Premium is to Source Vapes.

From head to bottom, the Orb V4 screams quality. The gloss and sheen radiates absolute perfection, while the device itself has a weighty aura that befits a vaping device of this caliber. Indeed, an argument could be made that the Orb 4 by Source Vapes is more at home in the pages of a Caran d'Ache brochure than in a retail outlet.

Inarguably, the Orb 4 Premium has enough features to justify writing a small novel. Source Vapes called it the most anticipated vape pen of 2016 -- and no one dares challenge this claim.

Starting with the fundamentals, the Source Orb 4 Premium is built using 303 stainless steel. This particular alloy does not harden under heat treatment, allowing vapers to run it through a million "torture tests" without failure. Furthermore, the 303 alloy is the healthiest material for use in the vaping industry, taking quality standards to another level.

Like other premium vaping devices, the Orb V4 comes equipped with an adjustable airflow mechanism. Even here, Source Vapes engineered a distinct platform against the rest of the competition. Called Variable Airflow System, or VAS for short, it features five different settings. This allows a wide range of options for the vaper in terms of airflow and intensity that you can't get from lesser devices.

Working congruently with the VAS is the Source Orb 4's variable voltage and temperature setting. There are eight settings on tap, which immediately impacts the texture of the vape production. Leaner settings allow for smoother flavor and extended battery life. Richer settings amplifies magnitude and intensity. Since there's no one way to vape, the V4 premium was designed from the ground up with modularity in mind. 

A new feature introduced by Source Vapes that is nearly guaranteed to find universal appeal among the vaping community is the Magnetic Lock. Because of this key feature, the Source Orb 4 Premium is structurally able to simplify its initial architecture of three pieces to two pieces. This small but revolutionary change allows the vaper to pull the top of the Orb 4, load the wax concentrates, snap shut and viola! -- the quickest and most satisfying vaping experience money can buy.  

Speaking of money, there are very few vape kits in the market today that can compete in either value or quality. The Orb 4 Premium by Source Vapes is one of the rarest retail commodities that can stand tall on both categories. The V4 kit earns this distinction by including six -- yes, six! -- atomizers.

Upon opening the kit, the vaper has an embarrassment of riches: two quartz atomizers -- one single coil, one double coil -- two ceramic double coil atomizers, one ceramic coil-less atomizer, and one source nail coil-less atomizer with removable bucket. And don't equate increased quantity for decreased quality -- the body of the Source Orb 4 Premium and its included atomizers are all constructed from 303 stainless steel. Also, all coiled atomizers have been upgraded to "Grade One Titanium," which is the absolute purest form of titanium. In other words, you can't beat Source Vapes on quality -- you can only tie it!   

Quite literally, the Orb V4 vaporizer is the one stop shop for hardcore enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The inert quartz atomizers allow for maximum transfer of your essential oils, thus providing unrivaled richness in flavor. The ceramic atomizers, on the other hand, allow for smoother hits. Source Orb's superior attention to detail, combined with its VAS and variable voltage and temperature settings, means that whatever atomizer you deploy, you can be assured of pure satisfaction.

What really distinguishes Source Orb from other manufacturers is the continuity of its product lineage. One of the more annoying developments in any consumer industry is the use of proprietary materials. The positive is that a product must be stellar in order to justify the expense of applying for a patent. But the complaint from the consumer's perspective is compatibility. Even more frustrating is owning accessories that no longer work with new or different iterations.

The Orb V4 will not leave you hanging. It has full compatibility with the three nail coil-less atomizers that Source Orb introduced -- the kit-included Grade Two titanium version, the ceramic version (included in the Source Orb 4 Signature Kit, and the quartz version (included among Source Orb XL products). On top of that, the Source Orb 4 Premium Kit comes equipped with a specially designed 510 sub-ohm variable voltage battery. Whether the vaper prefers low temperatures or massive rips, every nuance can be achieved with the Orb 4 Premium.

Simply put, Source Vapes has engineered a ridiculously awe-striking vape pen for an equally ridiculous price point. You cannot do any wrong by picking up the Source Orb 4 Premium kit today!

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Source Orb 4 Vaporizer Specifications:

Manufactured by: Source

Compatibility: Wax

Heat-Up Time: 5-Seconds

Battery Capacity: 650 mAh

Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime

Voltage: 110V

Length: 8 Inches (203mm)

Diameter: 2 Inches (51mm)

Weight: 0.95 Pounds (15.2 Ounces)


Source Orb 4 Vaporizer Includes:

1 x Source Orb 4 Battery

1 x Source Orb 4 Attachment

1 x Quartz Single-Coil Atomizer

1 x Quartz Dual-Coil Atomizer

1 x Ceramic Dual-Coil Atomizer (White)

1 x Ceramic Dual-Coil Atomizer (Black)

1 x Terra 2 Ceramic Coil-Less Atomizer

1 x Source Nail Coil-Less Atomizer w/Removable Bucket

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Dab Tool

1 x Silicone Wax Container

1 x Cleaning Cloth

1 x Wall Adapter

1 x User Manual

Source Orb 4 Vaporizer Features:

Includes Six Innovative Atomizers

Remarkably User-Friendly Design

Solid and Durable Construction

Compact, lightweight, and Portable

Entirely Coil-Less Design

Adjustable Airflow System

Ergonomically Designed for Comfortable Handling

High-Quality Titanium Coils

Proprietary Magnetic Lock Technology

Variable Voltage Battery

Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium Atomizers

Oversized 1/4 Gram Capacity Chamber

Accurate Temperature Control System

Eight Separate Temperature Settings

Backwards Compatible with Orb 3 Nail Atomizers

Remarkably Rapid 5-Second Heating

Made with the Premium-Quality Materials

Easy-to-Use Configuration

Beautiful Aesthetic Design

100% Authentic Source

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