Sidekick Portable Vaporizer by 7th Floor

By 7th Floor

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Sidekick Portable Vaporizer by 7th Floor

7th Floor is known throughout the vaping community as one of the leaders within the industry. Born out of a vision from a few buddies in Colorado, 7th Floor brought a new wave of innovation to the vaping community. Gone were the bulky, generic, box-style vaporizers that dominated the retail floor -- and were seemingly produced by the same factory. In its place were fresh designs fused with creativity and functionality. What 7th Floor really did was to create e-devices that they themselves would buy.

That commitment to the user experience carried them to the pinnacle where they stand today. And although they are best known for their desktop vaporizers, they jumped into the portable realm in the biggest way possible. Their SSV SideKick Vaporizer is truly a standard bearer. No, these aren't just words from a paid advertisement firm. The SSV SideKick is layered with design cues and engineering acumen that would make even the late, great Steve Jobs proud!

Let's start with the overall framework of the SideKick. The SSV looks like no other vaporizer before it, with a curvaceous asymmetrical design that is surprisingly well-balanced and ergonomic. Vapers will no doubt appreciate the bold risk taking by 7th Floor. As humans, we naturally gravitate towards symmetry. When objects can't be broken down into identical halves, it can create confusion. As such, most product designs stay away from asymmetry. 7th Floor, with their SideKick Vaporizer, embraced the challenge and delivered what can only be described as a stunner.

To the bold go the spoils, and there's no doubt that 7th Floor will pick up more than a few fans. The SSV SideKick Vaporizer is the company's very first foray into portable vaping devices, but you wouldn't guess it. Aside from its inimitable style, the SSV by 7th Floor is functionally brilliant. On the end of the chassis is a cylindrical tube where vapers can attach the included glass mouthpiece. And this is no cheap OEM part -- 7th Floor's glass for the SSV is hand-blown and meticulously crafted. Of course, other glass options for enhanced water filtration purposes are easily threaded onto the SideKick -- the choice is entirely yours!

Another functional item that fits perfectly with 7th Floor's mission statement for the SSV is the LCD screen. The statistics and metrics are all very easy to read thanks to the SideKick's relatively large font size -- this is true even under difficult environments. That's a major plus for vaping or any behavior linked to a consumer electronic product. Very few things are as frustrating as not being able to read your device. The SSV SideKick has got your bases covered, regardless of how mundane an issue may appear to be.

Once we move past the aesthetics, we come to a series of engineering innovations that set the SSV SideKick Vaporizer apart from the rest of the competition. First and foremost is the SSV's unique stirring mechanism that allows the vaper to stir dry herbs throughout the vaporization process -- all while never once having to remove the lid! This groundbreaking advancement in vaping technology allows herbs to be evenly and efficiently heated. Kiss goodbye burnt sections on one side, and undercooked portions on the other. While the SideKick by 7th Floor may be asymmetrical in design, it assures an even, symmetrical heating process. Best of all, the stirring mechanism requires virtually no effort -- just a simple push of the thumb will do!

The next innovation of the SSV SideKick Vaporizer is the Vortex Vapor cooling system. In the world of vaping -- and this is especially relevant for portable vaporizers -- distance is everything. The magnitude and harshness of the vaping experience is directly correlated with the distance between the mouthpiece and the heating element. If the pathway is too close, the vaper can experience an uncontrolled, unmitigated wave of heat that is very uncomfortable or even physically painful.

7th Floor corrects this problem that is all too common in cheaper, portable units with their vortex vapor path insert. This extends the distance that the vapor travels from the heating element to the mouthpiece from 7 inches to 18 inches, or a whopping 157% improvement. The extra pathway gives the vapor more time to cool down, eliminating the harsh draws found in lesser devices. For extra coolness, the SSV SideKick's vapor path inset can be physically disassembled and deliberately chilled in a freezer. Or, if you want to go "au naturel," simply remove the path insert altogether to get free flowing vapor. Again, the choice is up to you.

Next, we come to the digital temperature control system of the SSV SideKick by 7th Floor. Many vaporizer companies seem content on giving you limited temperature options, which almost borders on a binary on-off mechanism. Not so with 7th Floor's SideKick! There are 21 points of temperature control, which are adjustable in incremental units of 0.5. The settings have a minimum temperature of 100°F to a maximum of 455°F. This level of conduction modularity is absolutely essential as not all herbs or concentrates are created the same. Combined with the stirring mechanism, the SSV SideKick offers vaping precision that is simply unprecedented in a portable, compact package.

Much of the engineering feats that makes the SSV SideKick Vaporizer by 7th Floor so special is its dual 18350 lithium ion batteries. Frankly, cheaper vaporizers employ a significantly reduced power system -- that may save a few bucks, but it ultimately detracts from the joys of chasing the perfect vape. The 18350s offer enough juice to provide the eclectic functionality of the SSV and approximately 25 minutes of continuous vaping. 7th Floor offers a backup set of batteries free of charge, which is great for those long road trips or a business meeting far from home. For convenience sake, the SideKick's batteries are easily removable, and replacement units are readily available at leading vaping retail outlets.

While it may sound like hyperbole, the only problem that users will encounter with the 7th Floor SSV SideKick Vaporizer is the attention it will attract from other enthusiasts! This is one of the greatest innovations in the industry, and that's saying a lot about the always dynamic vaping community.

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SideKick Vaporizer Specifications:

Manufactured by: 7th Floor

Compatibility: Herbs/Wax

Heat-Up Time: 35-Seconds

Temperature Range: 100°F – 455°F)

Manufacturer Warranty: 7-Years

Voltage: 110V

Length: 7.5 Inches (190.5mm)

Width: 5 Inches (127mm)

Depth: 4.25 Inches (108mm)

Weight: 1.75 Pounds (28 Ounces)


SideKick Vaporizer Includes:

1 x SideKick Vaporizer

1 x Glass Mouthpiece (Hand-Blown)

4 x 18650 Batteries

1 x Battery Charger

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Alcohol Cleaning Pads

1 x Phillips Screwdriver

1 x Stainless Steel Marble Pick

1 x Tong/Scoop

1 x Stainless Steel Oil Can

1 x Huny Bucket Silicone Wax Container

1 x Coconut Oil Mouthpiece Lubricant

1 x Carrying Case

1 x User Manual

SideKick Vaporizer Features:

Functional Stirring Capacity

Remarkably User-Friendly Design

Solid and Durable Construction

Compact, lightweight, and Portable

Amazing 21 Individual Heat Settings

Ergonomically Designed for Comfortable Handling

Vibration Notification

18” Vortex Vapor Cooling Path

High-Quality, Hand-Blown Glass Mouthpiece

Ceramic Encased Heating Element

Oversized 1/4 Gram Capacity Chamber

Accurate Digital Temperature Control System

Powered by External Batteries

Rapid 35-Second Heating

Hybrid Heating System – Conduction and Convection

Made with the Premium-Quality Materials

Ceramic Heating Chamber

Easy-to-Use Configuration

Beautiful Aesthetic Design

100% Authentic 7th Floor

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