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Pulsar Hand E-Nail Vaporizer

By Pulsar

List Price: $139.99
Our Price: $134.99

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Pulsar Hand E-Nail Vaporizer

The world of dabbing is undoubtedly one of the hottest trends within the broader vaping community. More an art form than a consumer practice, the process involves the vaporization of wax concentrates and the subsequent consumption of the vapor. As you can imagine, the hits are pure and powerful, an experience unprecedented in its potency. But with competition so saturated in the vaping and dabbing categories, it takes a truly special company to stand out from the crowd.

Enter Pulsar and its groundbreaking innovation, the Pulsar Hand E-Nail Vaporizer. With a well-earned reputation for launching functionally brilliant and aesthetically appealing vaporizers, the Pulsar E-nail originates from a rich heritage. Pulsar e-devices are one of the most often requested products, and are heavily embraced by both vaping critics and enthusiasts alike.

Although the Pulsar Hand E-Nail Vaporizer enters the fray amid heavily stacked expectations, the immediate impression is one of casual confidence. This bad boy e-nail vaporizer by Pulsar doesn't give a damn about expectations -- it's here to deliver the best dabbing experience possible.

Judging by looks alone, the Pulsar E-nail gives clear notice to the competition. Augmented by a solid black chassis with classy corporate logo inlays, the core of the Pulsar vaporizer is compact and well balanced. It feels firm to the touch, but is easily concealable. In its native form, the hand e-nail features a sharp, industrial design, but it is also unassuming. Despite shifting social attitudes, many vapers will agree that discretion in design is still an appreciated attribute.

The fun really begins, of course, when you take the Pulsar Hand E-Nail Vaporizer out to its proper elements. This hand e-nail by Pulsar was born to run. Indeed, Pulsar over-engineered its e-nail vaporizer to absorb whatever you throw at it. So go ahead and give it a rip -- chances are, the Pulsar E-nail will wear you out before it even breaks a sweat.

That's because at the heart of this vaporizer is a 2500 mAh lithium ion battery. Clearly, Pulsar isn't messing around. The Hand E-nail Vaporizer is a legitimately portable unit with a legitimately robust power plant that could rival traditional e-rig systems.

Considered the element of the future, lithium ion has a wide series of applications, from consumer electronics to advanced avionics. For the Pulsar Hand E-nail Vaporizer specifically, the 2500 mAh battery generates enough juice to push the e-nail's ceramic heating core to 980°F. That's massively intense energy emanating from a compact package -- and one that doesn't crimp much on even the most compact wallets.

The primary challenge when vaping companies develop e-nails for the dabbing community is achieving the right balance between portability and performance. Lesser names to that of Pulsar often lose focus in the manufacturing process, and end up producing something that satisfies neither category. What Pulsar did with their Hand E-nail Vaporizer was to ensure performance first -- the portability would then be a byproduct of an already superior device.

Fortunately for the diehard dabbing community, Pulsar's attention to detail didn't end at just its power source or physical architecture. The Hand E-nail Vaporizer is remarkably easy to use, its operations intuitive enough for even newcomers to grab, dab, and go!

When charged, a blue light emits from the Pulsar Hand E-Nail Vaporizer's display screen, indicating that all systems are ready. Pressing the power button three times in succession activates the heating process. One of the stand-out attributes of the Pulsar E-nail is that this process only takes 30 seconds. While it doesn't deliver the quick-fire immediacy of a butane torch, this is a very small disadvantage.

In contrast, the advantages of the Pulsar Hand E-Nail's are overwhelming. With the 980°F maximum temperature, the Pulsar vaporizer encroaches on traditional e-rig territory, and even lower-level manual torches. However, the beauty of the Hand E-nail is the consistency of power, not just the power itself. This enables precise vaporization of your essential flavors. Furthermore, the manual approach is a cumbersome and indelicate procedure. For quick dabbing sessions, nothing beats the speed and convenience of the Pulsar E-nail.

Included with the overall vaporizer package are two titanium heating plates, a magnetic stand, and a dabbing tool. Loading your wax concentrates on the heating plates is a breeze. Vapers will appreciate the intuitive craftsmanship here -- there's no clunky apparatuses to deal with when you buy a Pulsar E-Nail.

Considering the enormous amount of horsepower generated by the Hand E-Nail Vaporizer by Pulsar, it's easy to get carried away. The e-nail package comes with a side-arm format water filtration attachment, which is an elegantly crafted piece of glassware in its own right. Emblazoned with the "P" logo, the textured framework of the glass attachment creates a unique visual component to your vaping session. Most importantly, the cooling effect of the water filtration works superbly with the Hand E-Nail Vaporizer, giving a much needed defensive coating for your lungs.

As with any device that requires an external power source, "downtime operation" is just as important as "go time." After all, what good is an e-nail if it takes forever to recharge and reload? Fortunately, there's not much downtime for the Pulsar Hand E-Nail Vaporizer. Assembly and disassembly is a simple, straightforward procedure. Cleaning the glass attachment is a matter of using any household glass cleaning liquid, and all other components are easy to remove. A full recharge can be achieved in a few hours with the included USB charger -- and once its ready to fly, you can expect to run through multiple, uninterrupted cycles.

Finally, the Pulsar Hand E-Nail Vaporizer is a portable, e-rig system, so what good will it do without a solid carrying case? Now, many companies prefer to "cheap out" on their customers in this regard, and pocket more margin. However, Pulsar is an enthusiast company made by and for enthusiasts. Their included carrying case puts the competition to shame. Layered in a metallic framework with a mini-briefcase chassis, the Hand E-Nail's protective case looks like something more out of a "James Bond" movie.

But for vapers worldwide, this isn't a shock -- Pulsar has made itself a name for delivering everything that an enthusiast could want. With the Hand E-Nail Vaporizer, they're bringing that same passion and standard bearing quality to the dabbing industry.

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Pulsar Hand E-Nail Vaporizer Specifications:

Manufactured by: Pulsar

Compatibility: Wax

Heat-Up Time: 30 Seconds

Manufacturer Warranty: 1-Year

Voltage: 110V

Length: 7 Inches (178mm)

Diameter: 2.75 Inches (70mm)

Weight: 1.35 Pounds (21.6 Ounces)


Pulsar Hand E-Nail Vaporizer Includes:

1 x Pulsar Battery

1 x Stainless Steel Magnetic Carb Cap

1 x Dab Tool

1 x Water Filtration Attachment

2 x Grade 2 Titanium Heating Plates

1 x Magnetic Stand

1 x Carrying Case

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Pulsar Hand E-Nail Vaporizer Features:

High-Quality Ceramic Heating Core

Very User-Friendly Design

Solid and Resilient Construction

Compact, lightweight, and Portable

Grade 2 Titanium Nails Included

Ergonomically Designed for Comfortable Handling

Extremely High 980°F Maximum Temperature

Stainless Steel Magnetic Carb Cap

Advanced Water Filtration System

Massive 2,500 mAh Battery Capacity

Rapid 30-Second Heating

Made with the Premium-Quality Materials

Easy-to-Use Configuration

Beautiful Aesthetic Design

100% Pulsar

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Ronnie T
Blissful Insanity!

Ease of use with this device is incredible. It does all the work for you with just a few clicks and the flavor I am getting is INSANE.

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