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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

By Magic Flight

List Price: $119.99
Our Price: $114.99

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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

Although multiple innovations have been made in the vaping industry over the past several years, invariably, a great many have the tendency of looking similar to each other. This is simply a matter of default logistics. For a portable vaporizer, the most convenient and compact platform is the cylindrical design.

It took out-of-the-box thinking by Magic Flight to produce...a box-shaped vaporizer! Proudly designed and crafted right here in San Diego, California, the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is a true, innovative beauty. Nothing comes close to matching this avant-garde retro design, which to the naked eye looks like an antique radio.

The Launch Box Vaporizer stands out for a number of reasons aside from the obvious. First, every single unit is handcrafted by skilled, local artisans. This is particularly important for vaporizers that also care about local economic sustainability. Everything that Magic Flight does is proudly American, ensuring that hard-working families -- not giant corporations -- get rewarded for their labor.

Second, the Launch Box by Magic Flight incorporates every feature found in premium portable vaporizers, and even improves upon them. For instance, the heat-up time for this unique vaporizer system is only five seconds. Also, the Launch Box is backed by a lifetime warranty -- no term limits or coverage specific to certain parts. Finally, this unit is incredibly diminutive -- in fact, more discreet than most other portable vaporizers.

Naturally, the immediate reaction to the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer kit is the aesthetics. It's completely unavoidable as the product does not look anything like the standard e-cigarette that the general public has grown accustomed to. Frankly, this is a benefit to the Launch Box, as it's very easy to keep this device hidden in plain sight. Because the e-device doesn't require unsightly cords and plugs, no one would suspect its true intended purpose.

As previously mentioned, each Launch Box Vaporizer is handcrafted, and the attention to detail that the company is renowned for is heavily reflected. The woodwork is immaculate, and richly highlights earthy tones. The overall design is especially prominent against other vaporizers in that the Launch Box is 100% natural -- there are no synthetic or industrial color schemes.

This call to nature has an important functional component as well. Most other vaporizers in the retail market are either plastic or metallic. These materials could interfere with the vaporization process, and create undesirable aftereffects. Furthermore, alloys or plastics are manmade elements. This is not a problem for wood, which is completely natural. In terms of both taste and health, the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer reigns supreme.

Although the box design may take some time getting used to, it has distinct advantages that vapers may grow to prefer over the standard cylindrical design. The most important of these is size. With cylindrical vaporizers, engineering innovations are commonly fitted by increasing the vertical axis. Thus, vapers are left with taller and taller e-devices.

In the Launch Box Vaporizer, its dimensions can be spread out and distributed, so to speak, over a greater volume. The result is an extremely compact package, measuring only 5.25 inches at the tallest. That could easily slip into your pocket, and for large-framed individuals, inside the palm of your hand.

For your preference, Nug Republic offers four color options for the Magic Flight Launch Box -- two in maple format, and two in walnut. As these are natural tones, each option is incredibly classy, and the choice really does boil down to partiality.

Since the Launch Box Vaporizer is so unique, vapers are tempted to ask a very basic question -- how the hell does this thing work? Let's get into that!

First things first, you'll notice that the Launch Box is powered by nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries, as opposed to the more common lithium-ion. NiMH batteries are incorporated primarily because it has 30% more capacity than a standard nickel-cadmium battery, and it has fewer toxic metals. The latter is Magic Flight's ode to environmental concerns.

Once the batteries are fully charged, take your ground blends, slide the Launch Box Vaporizer's lid open, and sprinkle them into the trench. Snap the lid shut to secure the heating chamber. From there, push one of the NiMH batteries into the e-device's side, which will activate a stainless steel heating element. You will be informed that the conduction process is under way via an orange light.

Within five seconds, vapors will form in the trench. Initially, be sure to inhale slowly to get acclimated to the process, and release the battery after the five seconds have passed to avoid overheating.

The actual specifics of drawing are a matter of personal taste. The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer kit includes a glass draw stem, which you can stick to the top of the e-device. This facilitates a smoother hit, and a focus on the flavors. However, some vapers prefer to direct draw from the Launch Box itself. This results in a rich experience that many vaping veterans may enjoy.

To get the most out of their Launch Box Vaporizer, Magic Flight recommends two breathing methods. The first is a slow, measured draw. The second is short, staccato sips. Each method has its distinct tones, and which one is incorporated will heavily depend on user preference.

The Launch Box kit includes several convenient accessories that are often overlooked by other manufacturers. One of them is a water pipe adaptor that allows enthusiasts to transfer their vapor through a water filtration system. Also significant is a concentrate tray which is designed to sit on top of the trench. This enables clean vaporization of liquid and solid concentrates.

Finally, the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is amazingly easy to clean. Just open the lid and empty out any waste products from the trench with the included cleaning brush.

Hands down, Magic Flight has produced the most creative vaporizer in the form of the Launch Box Vaporizer. The best part, though, is that every aesthetic decision has a function that either enhances the vaping experience, or helps protect the enthusiast's health. Simply put, there is nothing in the market quite like a Launch Box!     

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Magic Flight Launch Box Specifications:

Manufactured by: Magic Flight

Voltage: 110V

Compatibility: Herb, Concentrate

Heat-up Time: 5-seconds

Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime

Length: 2 inches

Width: 4 inches

Depth: 5.25 inches

Weight: 0.6 ounces


Magic Flight Launch Box Includes:

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Glass Draw Stem

2 x Magic Flight Batteries w/ Battery Caps

1 x Battery Charger

1 x Instruction Booklet

1 x Elastic Travel Band

Magic Flight Launch Box Features:

Ease of Use

Lifetime Warranty

Handmade in the USA

Multiple Designs & Finishes

Unique & Artistic Aesthetics

Truly Portable

Exceptionally Discreet

Fast Heat-Up Time

Powered by NiMH rechargeable batteries

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Bruce Baxter
Truly magic!

This is something I have had my eyes on for a while now. My friend told me he just got his from your site last month and has been loving it so I decided to check it out. Got my product a few days later and glad I did! It lives up to all the hype and works flawlessly. Keep up the good work, Ill be sure to let all my friends know about your site.

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