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Grenco Science G Slim Quartz Wax Vaporizer Pen

By Grenco Science

List Price: $24.99
Our Price: $22.99

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Grenco Science G Slim Quartz Wax Vaporizer Pen

Too often, celebrity endorsements for a product line end up being nothing more than a marketing ploy. Buyers are left with an investment that is no different than a similar offering, save for specialized branding, and of course, a higher price tag.

Fortunately, the innovators at Grenco Science follow a different set of rules. World renowned for their focus on creativity and ingenuity, every product that Grenco ships out must first meet their exacting standards. Anything that's associated with their business partners receives an even greater attention to detail. 

This excellence at any cost is particularly represented in the Grenco Science G Slim Quartz Wax Vaporizer. Grenco is noted for their endorsement deals with some of today's hottest music stars, and nothing but the absolute best will satisfy. Thanks to its sleek and sexy design work, and efficient power delivery system, the G Slim is the signature product of choice for many Hollywood A-listers.

Of course, vaping enthusiasts the world over have also fallen in love with the G Slim series of vaporizers. The latest iteration, the Quartz Wax Vaporizer, features an upgraded borosilicate chamber and quartz rod atomizer. These improvements enable smoother hits than that delivered by previous versions. The battery unit has also received a technical facelift, enabling a rapid-fire heat time of five seconds.

For those that are new to either the art of vaping or Grenco Science products in particular, the immediate reaction upon opening the G Slim Quartz Wax Vaporizer is that the product definitely earns its name! At its thinnest point, the G Slim measures a scant half an inch, while its height is a very nonchalant six inches.

Many e-device manufacturers claim that their products are discreet, but Grenco Science takes incognito to a whole new level. First, the dimensions of the G Slim Quartz Wax Vaporizer is perfectly in line with a standard ball-point pen. Therefore, accidental exposure isn't something to worry about -- to the untrained eye, the G Slim looks almost identical to a common writing instrument. 

Second, Grenco Science products earn their sex-appeal reputation because they the company focuses primarily on classy design schemes. The attractiveness of the G Slim lies not in an audacious aesthetic, but rather, a sultry clean style. This is perfect for those that want to concentrate on vaping, and not draw unnecessary attention.

However, for those that do want to make an impression, Grenco Science offers an impressive array of color options. This is a welcome change compared to other vaping manufacturers, who offer only a handful of choices. To satisfy every palette, Nug Republic offers 10 different tonal schemes.

While the G Slim Quartz Wax Vaporizer is easy on the eyes, the more important matter is performance. Thanks to an improved internal battery, the G Slim can pump out extraordinary power that belies its incredibly diminutive chassis. After all, this Wax Vaporizer barely tips the scale at 0.1 pounds, or 1.6 ounces. When you think about it, the Grenco e-device weighs about the same as a few sheets of paper!

The biggest change in the G Slim is the incorporation of the quartz rod atomizer. As a vaping material, quartz is a bit on the fragile end of the spectrum. What it lacks in robustness compared to ceramic or stainless steel, it more than makes up for in terms of flavor translation. Quartz is completely inert, even more so than heavily-marketed ceramic rod atomizers. This means that your investments in premium waxes will not go to waste when using your concentrate vaporizer.

In cheaper platforms, either the atomizer material or the chambering itself can interfere with the tone or aroma of the wax. That's simply unacceptable as you pay to taste your flavors, not the vaporizer itself! And this is why top-level manufacturers only use gold-standard materials. When it comes to the very pinnacle of vaping, nothing performs like a premium quartz system!  

The extra procurement and integration of quality materials isn't just a marketing tactic. The difference in flavor and experience against the original G Slim is quite noticeable. The same fundamentally great taste is evident in both platforms; however, the Wax Quartz Vaporizer has an added vapor purity that is difficult to deny.   

Another fan favorite attribute of Grenco Science products is ease of use. The G Slim Wax Quartz Vaporizer's battery is integrated at the base of the chassis. Simply unscrew the 510-threaded heating chamber, then thread the G Slim into the included wireless USB charger. When the G Slim Wax Quartz is fully replenished, the LED light indicator on the USB charger will switch from orange to green. Unlike other portable vaporizers, there's very little fuss with Grenco -- it's literally plug and chug!

To load your Wax Quartz Vaporizer, simply unscrew the mouthpiece from the heating chamber. Then, load in your wax. The included "G Slim Tool" helps this process significantly. Once this step is completed, screw the mouthpiece back on -- it's as easy as can be.

The Quartz Vaporizer is incredibly easy to start up -- just press the power button five time to activate the device. This is the only button on the G Slim and this sequence acts as a safety mechanism to prevent unwanted operation. This is a particularly innovative function for the G Slim Vaporizer -- essentially, you can put the vaporizer anywhere with the confidence that an accidental "butt-dial" isn't going to inadvertently activate your e-device.  

Once the Wax Quartz Vaporizer is turned on, the vaper simply pushes and hold the power button again, while inhaling. The heat-up process is extremely quick on the G Slim, occurring within 5 seconds. This allows for a quick, discrete hit while at work, or a lengthier session away from home. Adding to the overall enjoyment of the G Slim is its factory mouthpiece, which is constructed out of silicone rubber, and has a certain traction to it. It's very comfortable on your lips and perceptibly facilitates air flow.

The bottom line for the Grenco Science G Slim Wax Vaporizer is that it's a reliable device ready for action under any circumstance. Whether you're on a business trip, or just enjoying some downtime, the G Slim is a steady companion offering vaping nirvana on call 24/7. Best of all, the Wax Vaporizer comes at an incredibly low price. There's simply nothing like this feature-loaded, quality platform in this price range

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G Slim Wax Vaporizer Specifications:

Manufactured by: Grenco Science

Threading: 510

Voltage: 110V

Compatibility: Wax/Concentrate

Heat-Up Time: 5 Seconds

Battery: Internal

Manufacturer Warranty: 1-Year

Length: 6 Inches (152.4mm)

Diameter: 0.5 Inches (12.7mm)


G Slim Wax Vaporizer Includes:

1 x G Slim Battery

1 x G Slim Quartz Tank

1 x G Slim Tool

1 x G Slim USB Charger

G Slim Wax Vaporizer Features:

Portable, Lightweight, and Very Discreet

Easy-to-Use Design

Uniform Heat Distribution

Instant Heating

Single-Coil Configuration

Wickless Atomizer

Made with Premium-Quality Materials

Delivers Great Hits

Extremely Reliable Operation

Integrated Internal Battery

Stunning Aesthetic Design

100% Authentic Grenco Science

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Ostoja Delic
Simple and effective

I've been vaping for about a year now, and I've realized that you almost always get what you pay for. So I was pretty hesitant about the G Slim because it's priced so low. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how great the vapors tasted, and how enjoyable the G Slim is to use. It's not the perfect wax pen, but for the price, you can't go wrong.

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