Atmos Tyga X Shine Pillar Vaporizer

By Atmos

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Atmos Tyga X Shine Pillar Vaporizer

In this digital age, the term "innovation" gets bandied about so much that it unfortunately has been stripped of all meaning. Thankfully, a few companies exist that still believe in the concept of earning one's accolades.

Meet Atmos. From reputable vaping critics to aficionados across the globe, Atmos has distinguished itself as a true pioneer and a proponent of vaping technologies. In fact, Atmos secured the first patent ever awarded for a portable pen vaporizer, forever cementing them among the industry's greatest brands. Today, the vaping manufacturer incorporates proprietary in-house engineering to develop some of the world's truly innovative devices.

Their recently launched Atmos Tyga Shine Pillar Vaporizer is a proud representative of this extraordinary heritage. Although a bit of a mouthful, the Shine Pillar Vaporizer represents everything that makes Atmos the premiere name in vaping. From its bold, almost audacious design work, to its multiple heat settings, and acutely engineered craftsmanship, the Atmos Tyga shines brightly in almost every circumstance vapers may find themselves in.

The near-royal lineage of the Atmos-branded Tyga Shine Pillar is immediately evident upon first laying eyes on it. Simply put, there is nothing in the retail markets that resembles the Tyga vaporizer! Although it features a classic tubular design, this is where all the traditional or conservative elements ends, and the creative synergy begins.

The Shine Pillar vaporizer is conspicuously divided on the vertical axis. The bottom half of the e-device features an elegantly brushed and tightly spaced "ribbed" design. This is not only aesthetically attractive, the distinctive contours allows the vaper to easily hold onto the unit.

On the upper half of the Tyga vaporizer, the chassis flares out. On top of the unit fits the kit-included mouthpiece, which is a meticulously designed piece in and of itself. Unlike lesser portable vaporizers, the Tyga Shine Pillar's mouthpiece fits very comfortably on the lips. Furthermore, the e-device's advanced airflow system, combined with its flared exterior, provides a deep and enriching experience with every draw.

Another important physical feature of the Atmos Tyga is its weight; specifically, it only clocks in at a cool half-pound. Atmos is one of the few portable vaping manufacturers that understands that every ounce adds up, especially for busy, on-the-go vapers that have other obligations to worry about.

Furthermore, the overall package is compact, with the Tyga at its widest only measuring 2.75 inches, while the height is a very manageable 6.25 inches. The Tyga Shine Pillar's condensed format is particularly useful, given that its overall aesthetics are not exactly discreet. When the risk of exposure is heightened, the vaper can easily slip the Tyga away from prying eyes.

However, don't let either the Pillar Vaporizer's weight or compactness fool you! Atmos engineers incorporated a hard, anodized body for the Tyga, making it durable and more able to withstand accidental slips and drops than lesser vaporizers.

Nug Republic offers the Atmos Tyga Shine Pillar Vaporizer in three color schemes -- two black-shaded designs, and one decked in gold. All options integrate the same features that made Atmos a world-renowned vaping brand. But for those requiring more discretion, the black color scheme helps conceal some of the wilder design cues of the Tyga, while the gold truly accentuates them.

Aside from the exquisite -- and some would say, outrageous! -- styling, the Atmost Tyga Shine Pillar really earns its paycheck from its advanced temperature control system. Most portable vaporizers only allow three or four factory presets. In the Tyga, you get six, and they run the gamut of popular temperature settings that release the purest aromas and extract the richest flavors, all without setting off that dread word -- combustion.

This versatility allows the Shine Pillar Vaporizer to catalyze both dry herb and wax concentrates seamlessly. Furthermore, all of the functions integrated into the Tyga unit can be activated via its intuitive, one-button control mechanism. As an added benefit, Atmos engineered a high-contrast blue LED light display, which indicates what temperature setting has been chosen, and whether or not the device is turned on. This quick feedback allows the discrete vaper to enjoy a session in between moments of opportunity.

As with many other Atmos vaporizers, the Tyga Shine Pillar heats up quickly across the temperature band. At the highest setting, vapers can expect to wait only 40 seconds before being able to enjoy their flavors. Also, the Pillar Vaporizer utilizes a micro-USB port for battery charging. This is especially useful as the micro-USB port is rapidly becoming the standard for consumer tech and smart devices. Thus, the Tyga can be recharged virtually anywhere.

Another standout feature is the Shine Pillar Vaporizer's embedded ceramic heating chamber. Atmos incorporated a "deep dish" all-ceramic chamber, which rivals the best dedicated herb vaporizers. In addition, the Tyga features an advanced elevated airflow system that not only facilitates cleaner hits, it helps prevent gurgling and other annoyances associated with unintended leakage.

For vapers that prefer the "waxy" end of the flavor spectrum, Atmos introduced a titanium wax cup which is perfect for concentrates. A vaper simply needs to insert the titanium wax cup into the chamber, and then load it with essential oils or desired materials.

Irrespective of your particular vaping preference, the Atmos Tyga Shine Pillar Vaporizer Kit has everything you need to start using the Tyga, exactly the way you see fit. This makes the kit useful for both veterans and newcomers to the art.

Finally, vaping enthusiasts will appreciate Atmos' five-year warranty on the Tyga Shine. Too many manufacturers skimp out on the warranty, in many cases offering merely one-year protection, or only specific parts. With the Tyga Vaporizer, an enthusiast can enjoy multiple years of worry-free vaping.

So don't let this opportunity slip you by! The Atmos Tyga Shine Pillar Vaporizer Kit is your all-in-one solution for easy, clean portable vaporization -- and with a style that is sure to arouse envy among your friends!

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Atmos Tyga Shine Pillar Vaporizer Specifications:

Manufactured by: Atmos

Voltage: 110V

Compatibility: Herb, Concentrate

Heat-up Time: 40-seconds

Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Years

Length: 2.75 inches

Width: 2.25 inches

Depth: 6.25 inches

Weight: 0.5 ounces


Atmos Tyga Shine Pillar Includes:

1 x Pillar Vaporizer

1 x Mouthpiece

3 x Screen Filters

2 x Mouthpiece Filter

1 x Waxy Cup

1 x Micro USB Charger

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Packing Tool

1 x User Manual

Atmos Tyga Shine Pillar Vaporizer Features:

One-of-a-Kind Special Edition

Outrageous Design

Intuitive Interface

Ceramic Chamber

Six Heating Settings

Scratch Resistant

Fast Heating


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