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Atmos Power-Vape Battery and Power Bank

By Atmos

List Price: $64.99
Our Price: $59.99

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Atmos Power-Vape Battery and Power Bank

Greatness is a commodity that is not commonly achieved, and rarely so on a consistent basis. Companies strive for years, sometimes decades, to establish themselves as an expert in any one service or sector. But the true measure of corporate genius is the ability to switch disciplines and still maintain the same standard of excellence.

This is exactly what Atmos delivers time and again for the growing vaping community. From the get-go, Atmos established itself as a pioneer of the e-device industry. In fact, the company secured the first ever patent for a portable pen vaporizer. From then on, the Atmos name and vaporizers became synonymous within hobbyist and enthusiast circles.

However, one of the standout attributes of Atmos is that it's not just a vaporizer company. Over the years, the company has strengthened its in-house research and development team. Every single product that the manufacturer ships out their factory doors is imbued with proprietary engineering and exceptional attention to detail.

The Atmos Power-Vape Battery and Power Bank is the culmination of years of engineering research, as well as data collected by "real-life" vapers. As most e-device enthusiasts are well within the working age demographic, Atmos sought a way to maximize sessions for those that are always "on the field."

The problem for most busy vapers is that many portable platforms, as a direct result of their compact nature, lack the battery juice to sustain multiple sessions. This can result in frustrating downtimes, particularly because a free moment is increasingly rare in our hectic society.

Atmos solved this problem with its Power-Vape Battery Pack. Essentially, the Power-Vape is a highly advanced multitasking wonder that provides a perfect fusion between a power bank and a variable voltage battery, all under one convenient package. For the on-the-go vaping enthusiast, this translates into the ability to enjoy a session anytime, anywhere!

Physically, the defining feature of the Atmos Power-Vape Battery and Power Bank is its spring-loaded connector and an LCD interface. Such an interface system is virtually unheard of in the portable vaporizer platform, so this of course is a very welcome innovation by Atmos.

Another desirable aspect is its compact build. Despite levering tremendous firepower, the Atmost Power-Vape only weighs in at one pound. This contrasts sharply with power bank systems from other manufacturers, which can tip the scale considerably, and thereby, reduce its "portability cred."

Also, the Power-Vape is incredibly discreet, even though it touts an avant-garde design. Outsiders will likely view it as a medical device, which has the added benefit of preventing unnecessary questions due to fears of raising social awkwardness.

However, the biggest advancement by far is the Atmos Power-Vape's enormous 2,600 mAh battery. This bad-boy unit has approximately 200 to 300% more power than the leading portable vaporizer battery kit. Not only that, the Power-Vape features variable voltage. This ability ensures 100% control of the power running through your vaporizer, which results in high-quality, tremendous tasting vapor. Indeed, no other portable platform comes close!

It's worth noting that the Atmos Power-Vape's lithium-ion battery is 510 threaded, ensuring compatibility across virtually all cartridges and heating chambers. This compatibility is critical because the Power-Vape Battery and Power Bank does not include a heating chamber, which has to be purchased separately.

For your convenience, Atmos includes a multi-portal USB charger. This means that the Power-Vape can work with micro-USB charging, an especially important attribute since the micro-USB portal is rapidly becoming the industry standard within today's consumer electronic sector.

Undoubtedly, consumers will enjoy this latest product launch from Atmos. However, should anything go wrong with the device, Atmos offers a five-year warranty on all their products. In fact, one of the most often cited selling points of Atmos is their excellent customer service. They truly want to deliver the best vaping experience possible, and to that end, offer unparalleled support to their vast customer base.

Every serious vaper has encountered a situation where extra power was necessary, but was frustratingly unavailable. With the Atmos Power-Vape Battery and Power Bank, those frustrations are finally done away with! Featuring gobs of variable-voltage power fused with an incredibly modular platform, the Power-Vape facilitates vaping anytime and anywhere an enthusiast sees fit.

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Atmos Power-Vape Battery and Power Bank:

Manufactured by: Atmos

Voltage: Variable

Compatibility: Waxes (with wax compatible attachment)

Heat-up Time: 5-seconds

Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Year (Battery)

Length: 2.25 inches

Width: 6.0 inches

Depth: 2.5 inches

Weight: 1.0 pound


Atmos Power-Vape Battery and Power Bank Includes:

1 x LCD Display

1 x 510 Threaded

1 x Lithium Ion 2600mAh Battery

1 x Multi USB Charger

1 x User Manual

Atmos Power-Vape Battery and Power Bank Features:

LCD Display

Range: 3.0V-6.0V

Variable Voltage Battery

Universal 510 Threading

Power Bank Functionality

Spring Loaded Connection

2600mAh Lithium-ion Battery

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jeremiah Langley

Im giving this 4 stars because it did not come with any atomizer, its just a power bank/battery. Technically my fault as it does state whats included in the page description but still disappointed. Nug Republic did however, allow me to send it back unused for a refund

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