4 Piece Herbivore Herbal Grinder - Medium

By Herbivore

Price: $26.99

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4 Piece Herbivore Herbal Grinder - Medium

Because vaping is such a personal experience, industry enthusiasts demand the best from their equipment. Often, this focuses on the vaporizer, which obviously is the most important component in the equation. However, it's important not to overlook accessories such as herb grinders. These small and innocuous-looking devices can often separate a great session from a mediocre one.

Growing demand for quality accessories to complement premium vaporizers is what sparked development of this 4-Piece Herbivore Grinder Medium. This stylish accomplice fits the herbal vaper in all circumstances -- the Herbivore Grinder is compact, physically robust, works immaculately, and is a cinch to clean. Indeed, no herbal vaporizer set is complete without the 4-Piece Herbivore Grinder!

Let's start with the most obvious feature -- its looks! The aesthetics are understated and unassuming -- perfect for incognito vaping sessions. As the name suggests, the Herbivore Grinder Medium breaks down into four components. This is both for functionality and maintenance. The multi-layered grinder facilitates quick grinding, and easy integration of flavors to your vaporizer platform. The 4-Piece Herbivore also includes a scrape tool for cleaning out any excess from your grinder.

This is a particularly noteworthy inclusion as vaporizers aren't the only components that need regular cleaning and maintenance. And certainly, you don't want to have old flavors mixing in with new ones. The ease of breakdown of the 4-Piece Herbivore Grinder Medium and the scrape tool ensures that you're vaping only the purest, freshest essence of your botanicals.   

Functionally, the 4-Piece is very intuitive to use, which utilizes the same action for any other grinder set. The difference here is that the Herbivore Grinder is engineered with a high-grade aluminum chassis, not a hardened plastic or polymer. This thing is built to last! The hardened body is a robust base for the Herbivore Grinder's teething system, which produces superior grinds. Also, this accessory should be able to withstand common bumps or drops.

What's unique about the 4-Piece Herbivore Grinder Medium is its pollen screen located at the bottom compartment. Once your flavors are ground to fine particles, the screen allows you to quickly and easily collect your prime flavors.

The Herbivore Grinder is an immaculate piece that no vaper should go without! Offered in four color schemes of black, blue, red, and silver, the 4-Piece is a perfect complement to your vaporizer platform. Pick one up at Nug Republic today!

4-Piece Herbivore Grinder Specifications:

Length: 2.75 inches

Width: 2.25 inches

Depth: 2.25 inches

Weight: 0.30 pounds