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2 Piece Grindhouse Herbal Grinder

By Grindhouse

Price: $19.99

2 Piece Grindhouse Herbal Grinder

With the political climate steadily gearing towards legalization, herbal vaping has become one of the hottest trends in the vaporizer community. The ability to go out for a quick session has long been a dream of botanical enthusiasts. At the same time, one of the drawbacks of herbal vaping is the requirement that materials be grinded to fine particles; otherwise, the session can be less than satisfactory.

Enter the 2-Piece Grindhouse Grinder. A cylindrical shape measuring one-inch across the board, this is about as small as you can get for a premium grinding accessory. Constructed out of high-quality aluminum, the Grindhouse Grinder is as durable as it is stylish. With its immaculate sheen and delicately etched lines, this grinder is an aesthetic powerhouse all on its own.

That's saying something for an accessory. Typical grinder kits feature plastic or polymer materials that perform their job, but not much else. Although you can get by with grinding your flavors with such kits, the process is uninspiring, to say the least. Furthermore, cheap accessories often break down quickly, which has the potential of leaving you hanging dry.

You're not going to have any problems with the 2-Piece Grindhouse Grinder! Not only is it a robust accessory, it features precision diamond shaped cutting teeth. This facilitates smooth and easy grinding -- hardly any effort is needed, which is something most cheap kits can't claim. Quick processing is especially vital for portable vaping, as you never know when you're going to be called back to the job.

Also, modern premium vaporizers are becoming quite the investment. You certainly don't want to spoil this procurement by using cheap accessories, which can ultimately ruin your vape sessions. Finely grinded materials are absolutely essential for efficient vaporization and balanced heating.

To promote the best grinding process at a very reasonable price, pick up the 2-Piece Grindhouse Grinder today!

2-Piece Grindhouse Grinder Specifications:

Length: 1.0 inches

Width: 1.0 inches

Depth: 1.0 inches

Weight: 0.10 pounds